Providers nationwide trust Stellus Rx as an extension of their care team, bringing clinical and operational efficiencies and closing medication adherence gaps so providers can truly focus on uncompromising care for every patient.

Connecting the moments that matter.

We help patients with their physician-directed care plans and relieve clinical and operational burdens from your office along the way. From addressing patient questions (and reducing calls to your office) to formulary management and transitions of care, we work proactively to extend the quality care that patients receive in your office through every pharmacy interaction.

Expert knowledge of what matters to you.

Your time with patients is limited, and the way you use that time can literally change lives. That’s why Stellus Rx builds each of our solutions to reinforce the essential relationships you have with your patients … everything from our virtual pharmacist technologies to our personalized outreach programs for medication adherence.

Built for collaborative care delivery.

Our dedicated pharmacists provide trusted guidance throughout the health journey to ensure that patients are doing well on their medications. We communicate patients’ progress with you in ways that inform and enhance the way you care for them.

Optimizing your practice’s health.

Providers who work with Stellus Rx improve their operational and financial sustainability through reduced administrative burden, achievement of specific clinical performance goals and overall quality improvement.

Providers gain relief from clinical and operational burden.
Convenient patient referrals, including virtual warm hand-offs to a dedicated pharmacist
Direct connection to EMR for patient notes and updates
Synchronized prescriptions, convenience packaging, dispensing and delivery
Pharmacy team support to address prior authorizations and other administrative burdens
Comprehensive medication assessment and ongoing support to answer patient questions
Virtual pharmacist consults that enable real time collaboration to address patient issues
Hear what our patients and physicians say about how we help navigate patients’ health with greater ease and confidence…
"I can't praise Stellus enough for the packaged med program and the exceptional customer service! That program allowed my mom to stay independent for longer than we had expected ... I will always recommend Stellus Rx as a first rate service." Stellus Rx patient
"The pharmacy team is really helping our practice operationally; it can extend your office and staff, and take the burden off you to provide some of that education … It is also helping our patients know the medications that they are taking. Patients have said word for word, ‘I have never had anyone take care of me like this before."
Dr. Eddy Furniss, Nacogdoches, Texas
"Now that I am fully utilizing the Stellus Rx pharmacy team, I can't imagine practicing medicine any other way."
Jamie Albracht, DO, Village Health Partners
"Stellus Rx connected with my physician directly to find a medication that works better for me … and they made sure it wouldn’t cost anything more that what I was already paying." Stellus Rx patient
"By bringing the Stellus Rx pharmacist on board and being able to do a consult live in office, we’re able to make the right decision for that patient in the moment before they walk out the door, which has transformed a lot of our chronic care for patients."
Dr. Eddy Furniss, Nacogdoches, Texas
“There are a lot of unanswered questions in most of my patients when it comes to medications. And there are a lot of challenges in regard to filling their prescriptions. As a physician, I don’t have the time or knowledge to fulfill that role like Stellus Rx does. It’s just invaluable for a physician to have a pharmacist side-by-side with them.”
Dr. Stephen Buksh, M.D., NETIMA
"I recently enrolled myself and my kids in Stellus Rx and they have helped us cycle our refills and saved me close to $1000/month. And they are sooo nice! And the delivery is the best!" Stellus Rx patient
"Stellus Rx worked with me to help make my medications simpler and more affordable – improving my health so much that I was able to avoid surgery!" Stellus Rx patient
"The packaging is brilliant. It keeps all of our prescriptions organized and on the same refill schedule." Stellus Rx patient
"The staff are professional, knowledgeable and caring. It is a tremendous service and help both to the patient and caregiver." Stellus Rx patient
"Pharmacist consultations coupled with the care I get from my list of doctors has resulted in bringing my A1C down from 9.3 to the latest reading of 6.2." Stellus Rx patient
"Makes my life easier. I’m not constantly returning to a pharmacy for medications. Stellus Rx provides fast, accurate, dependable service. Staff is friendly, helpful. Could not ask for better." Stellus Rx patient
"I haven’t ever had as good one-on-one personal attention from any pharmacy than I have had from [my pharmacist] and Stellus Rx!" Stellus Rx patient
"I have used several national chain pharmacies in the past and accuracy and on-time availability has always been an issue. I do believe that my life has changed for the better with Stellus Rx." Stellus Rx patient
“When I first started speaking with my pharmacist, I noticed right away that I was going to get the kind of help that I was looking for.” Stellus Rx patient
“The rapport between the pharmacist, me and the doctor is just a continuous circle of input and information … You can’t get that anywhere else that I know of.” Stellus Rx patient

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