What would happen if your pharmacy became a true source of support?
You would take your medications with confidence and trust.
Your health would improve and your number of healthy days would increase.
Your likelihood of needing more urgent and costly care would reduce.
All of this because you received vital support in the moments that matter, support that had not truly existed in this way before Stellus Rx.




Proven results that stem from proven answers.

Stellus Rx combines teams, technologies and trust to change the trajectory of health—and costs—for individuals and at-risk employee populations.




Life gets better for your employees when Stellus Rx is a part of it.

Connecting the moments that matter.

From providing clarity about medications during times of new diagnoses … to helping with medication affordability … to serving as an extra set of expert eyes to make sure multiple medications are working together correctly, we’ve helped patients overcome tens of thousands of obstacles on their way to better health.

You are known here.

Each month—and really, whenever you need it—you can connect with your pharmacy team to address any medication questions and work together on improving your health.

Built for your life.

We can pre-sort and package your medications and deliver them right to your door. And we’ll synchronize all your medications so they refill at the same time each month.

Optimizing your health.

You can turn to us for education, support and problem-solving with anything related to your medications. Think of us as a member of your care team who’s always on your side.

See one patient’s remarkable health improvement with Stellus Rx …

Hear what our patients have to say about their experience with Stellus Rx …
"I can't praise Stellus enough for the packaged med program and the exceptional customer service! That program allowed my mom to stay independent for longer than we had expected ... I will always recommend Stellus Rx as a first rate service." Stellus Rx patient
"I recently enrolled myself and my kids in Stellus Rx and they have helped us cycle our refills and saved me close to $1000/month. And they are sooo nice! And the delivery is the best!" Stellus Rx patient
"It’s personalized!! You cannot put a tag on that! I am always grateful for [my pharmacist's] support. I know she’s on the other side, taking care of my health!" Stellus Rx patient
"The packaging is brilliant. It keeps all of our prescriptions organized and on the same refill schedule." Stellus Rx patient
"The staff are professional, knowledgeable and caring. It is a tremendous service and help both to the patient and caregiver." Stellus Rx patient
"Pharmacist consultations coupled with the care I get from my list of doctors has resulted in bringing my A1C down from 9.3 to the latest reading of 6.2." Stellus Rx patient
"I have used several national chain pharmacies in the past and accuracy and on-time availability has always been an issue. I do believe that my life has changed for the better with Stellus Rx." Stellus Rx patient
"When I first started speaking with my pharmacist, I noticed right away that I was going to get the kind of help that I was looking for." Stellus Rx patient
“The rapport between the pharmacist, me and the doctor is just a continuous circle of input and information … You can’t get that anywhere else that I know of.” Stellus Rx patient

By helping people integrate their medications seamlessly into their daily lives, we’re clearing the path for them to march toward better health. That means …

Learn how Stellus Rx unlocks health by turning “use as prescribed” into a guarantee, not a direction.