We unlock health by applying common sense in ways that have become far too uncommon in healthcare:
Patients must feel known and understood to achieve the most positive health change
Medication management and support happens best in a team
Improving healthcare costs and enhancing healthcare experiences can go hand-in-hand
Only Stellus Rx provides the personalized health support that people wouldn't even think to ask a pharmacy for:
Pharmacist-led outreach to remove barriers that stand between you and your health
Clinical support and coordination to ensure that all your medications work well for you
Check-ins from your personal pharmacy team to ensure you have peace of mind throughout your entire health journey.


Our partners in the movement

Connected by a purpose-centered view of how we can all serve patients better, Stellus Rx proudly works alongside organizations that include …

See how Stellus Rx fits with your health.

When was the last time...

you felt known and understood at the pharmacy?

a pharmacist talked with you about your health before working with you to improve it…

or worked directly with your provider to make sure your medications fit your life …

or checked in regularly with you to help you address any changes in your health?

you considered a pharmacy to be a health partner – a trusted expert to walk with you through the questions and doubts, frustrations and fears?

That's exactly what Stellus Rx aims to do. We connect and clarify care in every moment that matters.

Stellus Rx holds the Drug Therapy Management accreditation from URAC.