What types of people succeed at Stellus Rx?

A wide spectrum of roles that contribute to our success: compassionate pharmacists, innovative software engineers and other technologists, product lifecycle owners, shared services staff members and more. At Stellus Rx, committed individuals who embrace learning, building relationships and accountability will thrive.

How does Stellus Rx help its employees succeed?

We offer comprehensive benefits (subject to regional/local customization), competitive compensation, paid time off, hybrid and remote opportunities, educational opportunities, development pathways for employees and more.

Hear from Stellus Rx employees
"We’re developing solutions that just don’t exist in the world, and we’re doing it in ways that always put patients and their health at the heart of all our work." Stellus Rx Employee
"As an experienced pharmacist, this is the most rewarding role I’ve had because of the time and focus I’ve been able to give to connecting with patients and supporting them in their care journey." Stellus Rx Employee
"Stellus Rx’s values and people are some of the best I’ve come across. The culture is truly like no other; I love it!" Stellus Rx Employee
"Being a part of Stellus really makes you feel like you’re a part of something bigger. It is amazing to see and hear from all the patients that we help." Stellus Rx Employee
"It’s clear that everyone is working toward the same goal at Stellus Rx ... to impact people’s lives in a positive way!" Stellus Rx Employee

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