Shandrika Landry, PharmD, BCACB, CDCES
Stellus Rx Pharmacist
Highlights of expertise:
  • Has a passion for helping patients maintain and improve their health through personalized guidance
  • Has been a pharmacist since 2008 and was previously a Clinical Assistant Professor at Xavier University of Louisiana helping train future pharmacists
  • Graduated pharmacy school and undergrad from Xavier University of Louisiana



What do you love about being a pharmacist here at Stellus Rx? 

“I love the time that we have to truly engage with each patient. The time that we have really allows us to get to know our patients and establish a personal connection with them. I have an 87 year old patient who knows I have an almost 1 year and he asks about her every month. It’s the sweetest thing!”

Shandrika enjoys traveling, and spending time with family and friends.