Quy M. Tran, PharmD, BCACP
Stellus Rx Pharmacist
Patients share their thoughts about our team …
I am so grateful for all you have done for my mom not just as a professional but as a dear friend of our family ... You have been a true constant in your unwavering care and concern. Your compassion, patience, and support knew no limits where she was concerned. I will forever be in your debt for that. Thank you.
- Stellus Rx patient’s caregiver
Highlights of expertise:
  • Has a passion and dedication for helping patients improve their health, having worked with hundreds of patients since he started his pharmacy career in 2018
  • On the forefront of best practices for supporting the health of patients with diabetes, hypertension and other chronic conditions
  • Graduated from University of Louisiana at Monroe College of Pharmacy
  • Completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Louisiana at Monroe



What should patients expect from their interactions and conversations with you? 

“I have specialized training in chronic disease state management and am particularly well-versed in diabetes management. I have a passion for educating patients on their disease states and medications. I always strive to have meaningful and impactful conversations with my patients to optimize their care!”

Quy is an avid volleyball player! He played in intramurals in college, and has won 2 university championships with his team.