Nishat Baset, PharmD
Stellus Rx Pharmacist
Patients share their thoughts about our team …
Nishat, I am always very grateful for your monthly check-ins, it has made communication between myself and my doctor’s office so much easier. Your team is definitely different, thank you for providing this level of service. I am so glad to have you as my pharmacist!
-Stellus Rx Patient
Highlights of expertise:
  • Has worked in outpatient hospital pharmacy since 2016, and been a pharmacist since 2021
  • On the forefront of best practices for supporting the health of patients with diabetes, hypertension and other chronic conditions
  • Graduated from the University of Texas College of Pharmacy
  • Completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas as Austin



What do you love about being a pharmacist here at Stellus Rx?

“I love that I can make as much time as I need for my patient depending on their needs. Like any pharmacy setting, our days our extremely busy and there are always patients in need of our attention. But we get to set our own schedules, set follow up appointments as needed, and offer various contact methods for our patients to get in touch with us. So whether my patient needs 5 minutes, or an hour of my time, I can make myself available to them.”

In her free time, Nishat loves traveling, combined with photography and videography to create films documenting her trips. Her most recent tour was of Switzerland and Italy!